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 Preventing $1000 a Day from Driving Away 

Do you know how much revenue and profit actually walks out and drives away from your store every day in the pockets of customers who were ready to buy more?  Most dealers don’t.  During this highly informative webinar, you’ll get a sense of just how much you’re losing each day and learn two ways to increase profit today without adding a single new customer or any technology, even though technology makes it much easier.  You’ll also discover what customers want but aren’t getting… as well as key non-confrontational “close the deal” strategies using professional service lane selling practices based on electronic service menus.  

Schedule:  Mondays @ 1 pm ET & Wednesday @ 3 pm ET

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Service Lane Traffic is Declining. Are you Ready?

Does it seem tougher and tougher to keep your RO counts up? Have you realized the trend has been and will continue to get even worse? The hard statistics clearly show that the natural service lane traffic (from maintenance and repairs) is plummeting by 50% for most manufacturers. This webinar delivers a review of the actual numbers – the hard reality – of the challenging curves on the road ahead… AND, more importantly, we’ll talk about how you can reverse the downward trend…. if you start now

Schedule: Tuesdays @ 3 pm ET & Thursdays @ 12 noon ET

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The A-Z Guide to Professional Service Lane Selling

This information-packed hour takes you through every step from start to finish… from evaluating your current results and developing realistic goals… to implementing, monitoring and optimizing a Professional Service Lane Selling System. This is the insider’s look at how the Pro’s and Consultants, who do this everyday for a living, make things happen. Filled with details, how-to’s, checklists, calculators and more, this webinar will walk you through every consideration, every task, every review — from initial concept and evaluation through setup, training, rollout and on-going reporting so it’s easy to meet the revenue and profit goals your boss demands.

Schedule:  Monday @ 3 pm ET ; Tuesday @ 2 ET ; Wednesday @ 12 noon ET ; Friday @ 1 pm ET

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Advisor Training: Professional Service Lane Selling

This webinar teaches your advisors the most advanced and effective way to present maintenance services to your customers. Professional selling systems build both credibility and customer loyalty… and that drives sales and profits. Complete with a training manual for each advisor and a “teachers” manual for Service Managers, this practical Webinar will give advisors the tools, ideas, and word tracks they need to maximize results from your service menu selling system.

Schedule:  Tuesday @ 1 pm ET ; Wednesday @ 4 ET ; Thursday @ 3 ET ; Friday @ 2 pm ET

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