Advisor Sale

Module 1 Advisor Sale - Overview
Unit 1 Slideshow - Advisor Sale
Unit 2 Why your Customers WANT you to Present Maintenance
Module 2 Preparation Before the Customer Comes in
Unit 1 Prepare the Day Before
Module 3 Customer Arrival and Walkaround
Unit 1 Walkaround
Module 4 Present Maintenance Services
Unit 1 'Selling' is not a Bad Word
Unit 2 Customers Want More
Unit 3 Consultative Selling
Unit 4 Partner with Your Customer
Unit 5 Present Maintenance Services NOT Repairs
Unit 6 Presenting Dealer Recommendations - Overview
Unit 7 Presenting Dealer Recommended Services
Unit 8 Selling Tools - Talking Points
Unit 9 Virtual Movies Explain Services in 20-30 Seconds
Module 5 Presentation Sequence
Unit 1 Menu Presentation Sequence
Unit 2 Feature and Benefit Word Tracks
Unit 3 Let Your Customers Buy
Unit 4 Presenting to Customers on the Run
Unit 5 Accept and Decline Buttons